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I love drinking water and I pretty much only drink water, aside from the occasional juice or iced tea. But whenever it's summer, I just can't bring myself to drinking normal water in the huge amount that I should drink it in, so I usually end up putting some flavour into my water, so today's post is dedicated to all the yummy things that I've been putting into my water to make it more tasty!

Strawberry and ginger
The first detox water I am going to mention is this strawberry and ginger water. I LOVE ginger, I love that it's kinda spicy - I don't know if that's the right word to describe it, but you know what I mean, right? - I added some ginger and strawberry to have that combination of something sweet and something spicy. It's such a refreshing drink that I kept having during summer. I also once added cherries to this, which was delicious too, so definitely try that out if you feel like it!

Ingredients for 500 ml
500 ml's of water
5 - 10 sliced strawberries (depending on how sweet you like it)
30 - 60 grams of ginger  cut in cubes (depending on how much ginger you like)
ice cubes

Oranges and lemons

I feel like this is such a standard detox water recipe! Whenever I don't really know what to put into my detox water, this is what I go for. We always have oranges and lemons lying around the house, so it's so easy to just throw this in my water when I'm clueless as to what I should put in there. This has such a lovely, zengy and sweet flavour, which I love!

Ingredients for 500 ml
500 ml of water
1 - 2 sliced lemons
1 - 2 sliced oranges
ice cubes

Cucumber, lime and strawberry

This was another one of those impromptu detox waters. We had some limes leftover from, we had strawberries for breakfast and some cucumber lying around. I thought that this might taste nice, so I just put it all in a bottle, tasted it, liked it, let my family taste it and they liked it too. This is kind of sweet, zengy and fresh all at the same time, as the strawberry makes it sweet, the lime makes it zengy and the cucumber makes the water fresh. 

Ingredients for 500 ml
500 ml of water
5 - 10 sliced strawberries
5 - 10 slices of cucumber
1/2 sliced lime 
Lime and cucumber 
Okay, so to be brutally honest, this detox water isn't really that different then the detox water above, but I had to mention this one as well, as I usually bring this one with me to work. This is a limey-cucumber detox water, which is perfect for when I'm at the office all day, it's zengy and refreshing, which is that boost of a drink that I need when I've been behind my computer a bit too long. This is so easy and quick that I usually make this 5 minutes before I leave for work, I chuck some ice in there, and I am ready to go. 

The ingredients for 500 ml
500 ml of water
5 - 10 slices of cucumber
3 - 5 slices of lime
ice cubes

Strawberry, lime and mint

I really like drinking mojito's, especially the ones with a fruity flavour to it, so I had to try this out on my detox water, and it actually worked! It's like a mojito, without the alcohol nor the soda. I surprisingly really liked this and I am so happy about it! It's fresh, minty but zengy! So yum!

The ingredients for 500 ml
500 ml of water
10 - 15 leaves of mint
5 - 10 sliced strawberries
5 slices of lime 
ice cubes

Those are my favourite detox waters. I would love to know if you ever make an effort to make your water taste a little bit better? If so, what do you usually put into your water?


  1. these are perfect for the hot summer months! thanks for sharing the concoctions!

    1. Yes they're perfect for the hotter summer months! Let me know if you decide to make any for yourself! :) xx

  2. I like the photos!


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