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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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I always post these summer beach/holiday essentials when I'm off on holiday soon. It gets me into the zone of what I would like to bring with me on holiday and I like to share what I normally bring with me on holiday, which usually is a whole pile of clothes that I don't really need, but bring anyway. Yeah, I'm that overpacker.

Polaroid camera
I am so into photography and like to take pictures of everything. Sometimes, when I feel like I want to cherish the memory, I bring out my polaroid camera to take some photos. Somehow my polaroids are mostly used during summer, so this had to be one of my summer essentials. I use this Fujifilm Instax mini 8, but there are lots of other new polaroids out on the street if you'd like your photos to be a bit bigger instead of these small sizes.

A straw hat
I am one of those people who gets the worse headaches on holiday, so I had to include a straw hat. Not that I particularly love the one pictured above, but I plan on buying the straw hat of dreams while I'm away on holiday soon, with a wide brim, which looks just like this one I found on 66 the Label. But that's crazy expensive for a (straw!!!) hat, so I am hoping to find a similar one on any kind of cute market!

I really feel like it's important to always share that I use SPF as some younger people don't really use SPF, because they think that they don't 'need' it because they don't ever burn. It makes me cringe to think that I used to think like that too when I was thirteen. But nowadays I always use SPF, even when it's cloudy, as uv radiation is always there, even when you think it's not. Over the years I tried lots and lots of SPF's for my body and for my face.
For my body I usually use the Piz Buin sun lotion in SPF 30 when I just arrive on holiday. I usually run out of that sun screen so then move one to the Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Sun Spray Lotion in SPF 20, which just smells of holiday in a bottle!

For my face I usually use an SPF by Bioderma Photoderm AKN matifying fluid 30+, La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ and I am yet to try this Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 one out, which apparently is really good too!

With tanning and SPF usually also comes aftersun. It's so lovely to put something cooling on your skin after you've been in the sun all day. I like using aftersun after I come out of the shower in the evening. Apparently aftersun is also supposed to hold your tan a little longer, which is al that we're really looking for, right?
I got this La Roche Posay Posthelios aftersun as a goodie because I bought the Anthelios SPF, but I also love the aftersun by Garnier, which I what I usually buy when I'm away on holiday.

A bikini
Who spends their summer without being in a bikini or a swimsuit at least once? I sure don't! So a bikini will always be one of my summer essentials. I bring this Triangl bikini with me on holiday, but also plan on bringing a few H&M bikinis with me, like this H&M bikini that I bought that has the cutest scallop hems.

I am also one of those people who always need to wear sunglasses, just because I can't stand the brightness and I look even more like an asian if I don't wear them. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I usually wear either these CĂ©line Baby Audrey sunglasses, the Quay x Shay Mitchell Jinx Leopard Desert sunglasses, which sadly enough are sold out everywhere or the Quay Australia My Girl sunglasses.

Body Cream
I also feel like it's so important to moisturize your body when you've been in the sun. I love using any kind of Rituals body cream, but I'm currently loving the Rituals Karma body cream. This body cream smells amazing and looks gorgeous when you've got a little hint of a tan, because it has a slight shimmer, which gives you that nice bronze goddess feel when you put the body cream on.

Shower oil
I remember using the L'occitane Almond shower oil two years back, but I am currently in love with the Rituals Karma shower oil, which already moisturized your skin when you're in the shower, and leaves your skin feeling like baby skin.

An E-reader is such an essential every year. Summer is the only time of the year where I can sit down and get to read all of the books that I've been wanting to read throughout the year. I usually don't really get time to read because I'm so busy with uni work. Whenever I get the chance to read books though, I usually get so obsessed with reading books that I finish one nearly every other day. So instead of bringing around 5-6 books with me on holiday, I decided that it was time to get myself an e-reader to read, so I might not overpack as much as I normally would. I have the Amazon Kindle and I plan on reading The Loney, The Shock of Fall and I liked reading The Girl on the Train last year. If I feel like I need something lighthearted, I usually would read some kind of Jill Mansell kind of book!

What are your summer holiday/beach essentials?