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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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This year is the year I am being super open and honest about the struggles we all can have when it’s summer and super warm outside. I dedicated a whole post to my summer style secrets (or hacks) back in June and because I have been so open and honest about the struggles we all have in summer, I have received so much positive feedback both on my blog and in my Instagram messages. This inspired me to write another summer style hacks blog post to help you get through those last couple of weeks of summer this year or if you plan on travelling somewhere hot and tropical. And as much as I love summer, getting through it in comfort and a pain-free is the most important thing.

Wear all white outfits to shun the sun

You want to stay as cool as possible when it’s super warm and heat wave-like during the summer season. I already told you in my previous summer style secrets post that it’s super important to avoid tight clothing during this time of year. If you still feel like you are going to melt, I would recommend wearing an all white outfit. All white outfits are perfect because they actually don’t attract heat from the sun as much as all black outfits do. Obviously this is the most obvious tip ever, but I still catch myself in an all black outfits when it’s super warm outside. The instant regret is real when wearing an outfit like that and not having any sort of air con. And it’s even worst if you’re just walking or sitting in the sun for a little while and slowy start to melt and disappear.

Wear a hat

Hats, you either hate them or love them, but they are actually perfect for heat waves. You can go for a fedora, a straw hat, a baker boy hat or you could just wear a cap. I own so many straw hats for when I am at the beach. This will keep you and your head a bit cooler during heat wave weather. It also helps to prevent you from getting heatstroke if you’re out in the burning sun for too long. And an even bigger bonus for all the fine haired girls out there: it also helps to prevent your scalp from burning, because that is just the most horrible thing to have.

Cut old jeans to shorts

I am trying to be a bit more conscious on how I spend my money during the summer season. I definitely do not need 5 pairs of super new denim shorts, but some of the ones I own also don’t fit anymore. To be a bit more money-savvy, you can actually cut old pairs of jeans into shorts. Not only does this save you money from buying new pairs of shorts, it’s also better as you can now reuse the jeans you didn’t wear anymore.

Use a hair band to keep shorts or trousers together when you’re bloated

So this is not just a tip for the summer season, this is a tip you can use whenever you are wearing jeans or trousers with a button. I tend to be a bit more bloated after I have had some food, and let’s be honest: during the summer season we all love to spend a bit more time outside eating with friends. With that comes bloating and if your jeans, denim shorts or trousers start to feel super uncomfortable, you can use a rubber band to expand your trousers or shorts. So what you do is super easy, you put a rubber band or hair tie around the button of your pants. Then put it through the hoop of your denim jeans or shorts, pull the hair tie back to the button (like this) and you have a bit more space to breathe again. I like to use this method whenever I buy a new pair of jeans that are ever so slightly too tight around the waist.

This is also perfect for when you suffer with the chub rub, as you can cut off your old jeans just a bit longer so it prevents any chafing from happening.

Anti thigh chafing creams

One of the most painful things is the good old chub rub. It’s honestly the worst. I shared how I deal with thigh chafing by wearing biker shorts and longer shorts. As soon as I also shared this on my Instagram I got lots of recommendations from you all on anti chafing creams that help prevent any chafing from happening. At first I was very sceptical on using it, as I honestly didn’t think it would work. At the moment I have tried the NOK anti chafing cream from Akileine, which really has helped save my thighs. I had to reapply it once at about noon, but couldn’t believe I was able to go outside without having shorts under the dress I wore.

Ever since posting about this anti chafing cream I got lots more recommendations from you, there are so many that I even made a highlight on my Instagram page, so we can all get through the summer pain free.

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  1. I love the tips you have here! I'm definitely going to try making my own shorts in the future. B x

    1. Thank you so much! It's so easy to cut your trousers/jeans into shorts, just make sure you don't cut off too much of it, as I've definitely had that happening in the past. Hope it works B!

  2. I love this kind of looks..

    XX LL


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