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Hi! I'm Laura, a 23-year-old millennial girl discovering who I am by sharing my life experiences on my blog. You'll find me writing about me discovering my personal style, my growing wanderlust or giving any sort of style, uni or mental health advice.

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As much as I love minimalism and minimalist style, I love buying new clothes and looking online for hours and hours to scroll through websites looking at the latest trends. I already have a closet full of tops and blouses and another one filled with jackets and jumpers, yet I still always seem to think I have nothing to wear. In September I already had a massive clear out of my wardrobe, promising myself I would not buy that many clothes I would not end up wearing again anymore. I wanted to become less impulsive and really think about how I spend my money.

Last Monday I went into Primark after a long and stressful day at university. Before going there I was hoping to get myself a really cosy jumper or maybe a pair of cute trousers. While I was walking through Primark I had a big change of heart. While I was walking through Primark I did not want to spend any more money on a jumper or anything like that. It was kind of my intervention and I decided that as of November, I would stop buying clothes for a month. My main reason being that I definitely did not need any more clothes. My other reason being that I had set myself a few saving goals too. So until the end of November I am not allowed to spend any more money on clothes.

Thinking about my future

As much as I love buying clothes, I also love spending money on doing fun things with family and friends and just experiencing life. I am still a student in university and don’t have an endless budget to buy clothes and also travel the world with friends. Now that I am slowly getting to my uni graduation (which will hopefully happen in February) it made me really start to think about life after university. I had not really thought about my future that much before, as my graduation always seemed so far away. Last Monday one of my friends from uni handed in her dissertation assignment, which really made the deadline of graduation real for me too. Besides that one of my best friends from high school also started her first real job after graduating. That really got me thinking about my future and what I wanted to start doing in life.

Setting goals

Even though I had not really thought about my future just yet, I did know one thing: I am really hoping to go to Indonesia when I graduate next year. It’s one of those things I feel like I need to do in my life because there are just so many things tying me to that country. So my first goal of challenging myself with this spending ban was to start saving up for my trip to Indonesia. I am still super unsure of what I want my trip to Indonesia to look like, but I think it’s good to already have a bit of a buffer for that trip.

Besides that I also would love to tick off some other beautiful places in the world that I currently have listed on my travel bucket list. I am really hoping that this spending ban will help me be more conscious of my spending habits so I can really start saving up for some more travels. I am really hoping that this way I can also start enjoying shorter trips away in Europe too so I slowly discover the world like I always have wanted to do.

So this month I am on a clothing spending ban. I look forward to how I am going to be spending this month with me not buying any clothes and I already look forward to the end of the month to see if I struggled my way through the month, but most importantly to see if I have learned anything about it or myself during this month.